SORMAC B.V. Huiskensstraat 68
5916 PN Venlo
The Netherlands
P.O. Box 419
5900 AK Venlo
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)77 351 84 44
F: +31 (0)77 320 48 01
E: info@sormac.nl

Leading in technology!

Sormac specialises in the development and production of machines for the vegetable processing industry, mainly potatoes, carrots, onions, leafy vegetables, cucumbers and bell peppers, like e.g. onion peeler, carrot topper, potato knife peeler, salad washer and leafy vegetable centrifuge.

Besides stand-alone machines, Sormac supplies complete processing lines and technology, as well as a worldwide reliable service by a team of skilled field service engineers. This all to be you as customer of service as effective as possible. 

Reliability, hygiene, precision and a long life span are typical of all Sormac equipment as a result of the market-oriented development policy. In consultation with our customers, we try to offer a solution to their demand. Our customers are modern, progressive companies, who would like to create a value-added product.